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Part 19—Small Business Programs

19.000 Scope of part.

19.001 Definitions.

Subpart 19.1—Size Standards

19.101 Explanation of terms.

19.102 Size standards.

Subpart 19.2—Policies

19.201 General policy.

19.202 Specific policies.

19.202-1 Encouraging small business participation in acquisitions.

19.202-2 Locating small business sources.

19.202-3 Equal low bids.

19.202-4 Solicitation.

19.202-5 Data collection and reporting requirements.

19.202-6 Determination of fair market price.

Subpart 19.3—Determination of Small Business Status for Small Business Programs

19.301 Representations and rerepresentations.

19.301-1 Representation by the offeror.

19.301-2 Rerepresentation by a contractor that represented itself as a small business.

19.301-3 Rerepresentation by a contractor that represented itself as other than a small business.

19.302 Protesting a small business representation or rerepresentation.

19.303 Determining North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes and size standards.

19.304 Disadvantaged business status.

19.305 Protesting a representation of disadvantaged business status.

19.306 Protesting a firm’s status as a HUBZone small business concern.

19.307 Protesting a firm’s status as a service-disabled veteran-owned small business concern.

19.308 Solicitation provisions and contract clauses.

Subpart 19.4—Cooperation with the Small Business Administration

19.401 General.

19.402 Small Business Administration procurement center representatives.

19.403 Small Business Administration breakout procurement center representative.

Subpart 19.5—Set-Asides for Small Business

19.501 General.

19.502 Setting aside acquisitions.

19.502-1 Requirements for setting aside acquisitions.

19.502-2 Total small business set-asides.

19.502-3 Partial set-asides.

19.502-4 Methods of conducting set-asides.

19.502-5 Insufficient causes for not setting aside an acquisition.

19.503 Setting aside a class of acquisitions for small business.

19.504 Inclusion of Federal Prison Industries, Inc.

19.505 Rejecting Small Business Administration recommendations.

19.506 Withdrawing or modifying small business set-asides.

19.507 Automatic dissolution of a small business set-aside.

19.508 Solicitation provisions and contract clauses.

Subpart 19.6—Certificates of Competency and Determinations of Responsibility

19.601 General.

19.602 Procedures.

19.602-1 Referral.

19.602-2 Issuing or denying a Certificate of Competency (COC).

19.602-3 Resolving differences between the agency and the Small Business Administration.

19.602-4 Awarding the contract.

Subpart 19.7—The Small Business Subcontracting Program

19.701 Definitions.

19.702 Statutory requirements.

19.703 Eligibility requirements for participating in the program.

19.704 Subcontracting plan requirements.

19.705 Responsibilities of the contracting officer under the subcontracting assistance program.

19.705-1 General support of the program.

19.705-2 Determining the need for a subcontracting plan.

19.705-3 Preparing the solicitation.

19.705-4 Reviewing the subcontracting plan.

19.705-5 Awards involving subcontracting plans.

19.705-6 Postaward responsibilities of the contracting officer.

19.705-7 Liquidated damages.

19.706 Responsibilities of the cognizant administrative contracting officer.

19.707 The Small Business Administration’s role in carrying out the program.

19.708 Contract clauses.

Subpart 19.8—Contracting with the Small Business Administration (The 8(a) Program)

19.800 General.

19.801 [Reserved]

19.802 Selecting concerns for the 8(a) Program.

19.803 Selecting acquisitions for the 8(a) Program.

19.804 Evaluation, offering, and acceptance.

19.804-1 Agency evaluation.

19.804-2 Agency offering.

19.804-3 SBA acceptance.

19.804-4 Repetitive acquisitions.

19.804-5 Basic ordering agreements.

19.804-6 Indefinite delivery contracts.

19.805 Competitive 8(a).

19.805-1 General.

19.805-2 Procedures.

19.806 Pricing the 8(a) contract.

19.807 Estimating fair market price.

19.808 Contract negotiation.

19.808-1 Sole source.

19.808-2 Competitive.

19.809 Preaward considerations.

19.810 SBA appeals.

19.811 Preparing the contracts.

19.811-1 Sole source.

19.811-2 Competitive.

19.811-3 Contract clauses.

19.812 Contract administration.

Subpart 19.9—[Reserved]

Subpart 19.10—Small Business Competitiveness Demonstration Program

19.1001 General.

19.1002 Definitions.

19.1003 Purpose.

19.1004 Participating agencies.

19.1005 Applicability.

19.1006 Exclusions.

19.1007 Procedures.

19.1008 Solicitation provisions.

Subpart 19.11—Price Evaluation Adjustment for Small Disadvantaged Business Concerns

19.1101 General.

19.1102 Applicability.

19.1103 Procedures.

19.1104 Contract clause.

Subpart 19.12—Small Disadvantaged Business Participation Program

19.1201 General.

19.1202 Evaluation factor or subfactor.

19.1202-1 General.

19.1202-2 Applicability.

19.1202-3 Considerations in developing an evaluation factor or subfactor.

19.1202-4 Procedures.

19.1203 Incentive subcontracting with small disadvantaged business concerns.

19.1204 Solicitation provisions and contract clauses.

Subpart 19.13—Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) Program

19.1301 General.

19.1302 Applicability.

19.1303 Status as a qualified HUBZone small business concern.

19.1304 Exclusions.

19.1305 HUBZone set-aside procedures.

19.1306 HUBZone sole source awards.

19.1307 Price evaluation preference for HUBZone small business concerns.

19.1308 Contract clauses.

Subpart 19.14—Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Procurement Program

19.1401 General.

19.1402 Applicability.

19.1403 Status as a service-disabled veteran-owned small business concern.

19.1404 Exclusions.

19.1405 Service-disabled veteran-owned small business set-aside procedures.

19.1406 Sole source awards to service-disabled veteran-owned small business concerns.

19.1407 Contract clauses.

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