Part 547—Transportation

Subpart 547.3—Transportation in Supply Contracts

547.300  Scope of subpart.

This subpart applies to FSS acquisitions.

547.303  Standard delivery terms and contract clauses.

547.303-1  F.O.B origin.

Contractor Responsibilities

The contractor must both:

(a) Request a carrier routing from the applicable transportation zone office on all shipments weighing 10,000 pounds or more.

(b) Mail the original of the commercial bill of lading (CBL), to the office that authorized the CBL (applies to shipment on a CBL). Ensure that the signature of the carrier’s agent and the annotation required by FAR 52.247-1 appear on the original and all copies of the CBL.

547.304  Determination of delivery terms.

547.304-5  Exceptions.

(a) Solicitations that provide for delivery to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico. Include notice that the offeror may specify delivery f.o.b. origin; f.o.b. vessel, part of shipment; f.o.b. destination; or any combination of these. If appropriate, provide for other delivery terms.

(b) Federal Supply Schedules. If f.o.b. destination is offered for delivery within CONUS, attempt to obtain the same delivery term for shipment to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.

547.305  Solicitation provisions, contract clauses, and transportation factors.

(a) Insert 552.247-70, Placarding Railcar Shipments, in solicitations and contracts if it is essential that the railcar doors be specially positioned next to the unloading dock, platform, or warehouse door.

(b) Insert 552.246-71, Diversion of Shipment Under f.o.b. Destination Contracts, in Stock, Special Order Program (SOP), and Single Award Schedule solicitations and contracts which provide for f.o.b. destination shipment.

547.370  Restrictions on transportation to military installations.

If the solicitation and contract provides for direct delivery to a military installation, include applicable delivery restrictions.