Change Number: AFFARS Change 12/20/2022
Effective Date: 12/20/2022

3.0 COR Supervisor

3.1 Register for SPM access via the Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) e-Business Suite at , and then complete training to effectively perform duties in the SPM.  Training includes a review of the JAM and SPM Tool Users Guide and FAQs, and if necessary, a request for additional training from a local DA.

3.2 Review and approve (certify) or reject COR nominations in the JAM, when submitted by an assigned COR in the JAM and notified by a system-generated email that a nomination is “Awaiting Approval”.

3.3 The COR Supervisor shall ensure that the COR completes and uploads COR Reports to SPM, as required, to enable the CO to review and approve/ reject reports in the SPM.

3.4  Conduct regular reviews of COR inputs into SPM, and follow-up as necessary, on the content, timeliness, and completeness of COR Reports, online files, and other COR-related documentation.

3.5 If a Chief-Contracting Officer’s Representative (C-COR) is appointed for a service contract pursuant to AFI 63-138 , Acquisition of Services, Chapter 2, the C-COR must maintain the sole online COR file in SPM for the contract. When a CO appoints a C-COR and CORs on the same contract, the relationship shall be annotated on the COR Designation.