Change Number: AFFARS Change 12/20/2022
Effective Date: 12/20/2022

5304.7003-90 Maintaining DoD Activity Address Codes (DoDAAC)

The contracting officer administering the contract must obtain a contractor DoDAAC (see AFMAN 23-230 ,Maintaining Air Force DoD Activity Address Codes (DoDAAC)) for contracts that furnish Government property or authorize requisition from a Government supply source. The contracting officer administering the contract must provide the DoDAAC to the program management office/requiring activity to facilitate the shipment of government furnished property. The Purpose Code Management module contained within Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) must be used to:

(a) Obtain the existing DoDAAC or submit a new DoDAAC request for all contracts awarded;

(b) Initiate contractor DoDAAC account changes, including extensions of contract completion dates and contract terminations;

(c) Initiate contractor DoDAAC deletion when the contract is physically complete, unless the DoDAAC covers other active contracts; and,

(d) Validate contractor DoDAACs in accordance with AFMAN 23-230 , paragraph 4.2.