Part Number: 452

Agriculture Acquisition Regulation

452.236-77 Emergency Response.

As prescribed in 436.577, the following clause may be used in Forest Service construction contracts:

Emergency Response (NOV 1996)

(a) Contractor's Responsibility for Fire Fighting.

(1) The Contractor, under the provisions of FAR clause 52.236-9, Protection of Existing Vegetation, Structures, Equipment, Utilities, and Improvements, shall immediately extinguish all fires on the work site other than those fires in use as a part of the work.

(2) The Contractor may be held liable for all damages and for all costs incurred by the Government for labor, subsistence, equipment, supplies, and transportation deemed necessary to control or suppress a fire set or caused by the Contractor or the Contractor's agents or employees.

(b) Contractor's Responsibility for Notification in Case of Fire. The Contractor shall immediately notify the Government of any fires sighted on or in the vicinity of the work site.

(c) Contractor's Responsibility for Responding to Emergencies. When directed by the Contracting Officer, the Contractor shall allow the Government to temporarily use employees and equipment from the work site for emergency work (anticipated to be restricted to fire fighting). An equitable adjustment for the temporary use of employees and equipment will be made under the Changes clause, FAR 52.243-4.

(End of clause)