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13.307 Forms.

13.307 Forms.

      (a) Commercial items. For use of the SF 1449, Solicitation/Contract/Order for Commercial Items, see 12.204.

      (b) Other than commercial items.

(1) Except when quotations are solicited electronically or orally, the SF 1449; SF 18, Request for Quotations; or an agency form/automated format may be used. Each agency request for quotations form/automated format should conform with the SF 18 or SF 1449 to the maximum extent practicable.

           (2) Both SF 1449 and OF 347, Order for Supplies or Services, are multipurpose forms used for negotiated purchases of supplies or services, delivery or task orders, inspection and receiving reports, and invoices. An agency form/automated format also may be used.

      (c) Forms used for both commercial and other than commercial items.

(1) OF 336, Continuation Sheet, or an agency form/automated format may be used when additional space is needed.

           (2) OF 348, Order for Supplies or Services Schedule-Continuation, or an agency form/automated format may be used for negotiated purchases when additional space is needed. Agencies may print on these forms the clauses considered to be generally suitable for purchases.

           (3) SF 30, Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract, or a purchase order form may be used to modify a purchase order, unless an agency form/automated format is prescribed in agency regulations.

      (d) SF 44, Purchase Order-Invoice-Voucher, is a multipurpose pocket-size purchase order form that may be used as outlined in 13.306.

      (e) SF 1165, Receipt for Cash-Subvoucher, or an agency purchase order form may be used for purchases using imprest funds or third party drafts.