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22.1803 Contract clause.

22.1803 Contract clause.

Insert the clause at 52.222-54 , Employment Eligibility Verification, in all solicitations and contracts that exceed the simplified acquisition threshold, except those that-

  1. (a) Are only for work that will be performed outside the United States;

  2. (b) Are for a period of performance of less than 120 days; or

  3. (c) Are only for-

    1. (1) Commercially available off-the-shelf items;

    2. (2) Items that would be COTS items, but for minor modifications (as defined at paragraph (3)(ii) of the definition of “commercial item” at 2.101);

    3. (3) Items that would be COTS items if they were not bulk cargo; or

    4. (4) Commercial services that are-

      1. (i) Part of the purchase of a COTS item (or an item that would be a COTS item, but for minor modifications);

      2. (ii) Performed by the COTS provider; and

      3. (iii) Are normally provided for that COTS item.