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48.104-3 Sharing collateral savings.

48.104-3 Sharing collateral savings.

      (a) The Government shares collateral savings with the contractor, unless the head of the contracting activity has determined that the cost of calculating and tracking collateral savings will exceed the benefits to be derived (see 48.201(e)).

      (b) The contractor’s share of collateral savings may range from 20 to 100 percent of the estimated savings to be realized during a typical year of use but must not exceed the greater of-

           (1) The contract’s firm-fixed-price, target price, target cost, or estimated cost, at the time the VECP is accepted; or

           (2) $100,000.

      (c) The contracting officer must determine the sharing rate for each VECP.

      (d) In determining collateral savings, the contracting officer must consider any degradation of performance, service life, or capability.