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50.102-1 Delegation of authority.

50.102-1 Delegation of authority.

An agency head may delegate in writing authority under Pub. L. 85-804 and E.O. 10789, subject to the following limitations:

      (a) Authority delegated shall be to a level high enough to ensure uniformity of action.

      (b) Authority to approve requests to obligate the Government in excess of $70,000 may not be delegated below the secretarial level.

      (c) Regardless of dollar amount, authority to approve any amendment without consideration that increases the contract price or unit price may not be delegated below the secretarial level, except in extraordinary cases or classes of cases when the agency head finds that special circumstances clearly justify such delegation.

      (d) Regardless of dollar amount, authority to indemnify against unusually hazardous or nuclear risks, including extension of such indemnification to subcontracts, shall be exercised only by the Secretary or Administrator of the agency concerned, the Public Printer, or the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Tennessee Valley Authority (see 50.104-3).