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501.603-4 Termination.

501.603-4 Termination.

      (a)  The SPE has the authority to suspend or terminate any GSA contracting officer appointment in any organizational component of the agency. SPE suspensions or terminations of warrants may not be overridden by any other GSA appointing official.

      (b)  At any time, an HCA may terminate an appointment, change a permanent warrant to an interim warrant, reduce the warrant level, or refuse to accept a warrant from another contracting activity.

      (c)  The supervisor of record must notify the BCM within the organization when a contracting officer does any of the following:

           (1)  Resigns.

           (2)  Transfers to another agency.

           (3)  Is reassigned to another office within GSA.

           (4)  Is terminated, or otherwise disciplined, for malfeasance or incompetence.

           (5)  Does not need the appointment.

           (6)  Fails to comply with experience, education or training requirements.

      (d)  Managers within the supervisory chain-of-command may at any time, suspend a contracting officer's appointment for any of the following:

           (1)  There is reason to believe that the contracting officer failed to exercise sound business judgment.

           (2)  There is reason to believe that the contracting officer engaged in other improprieties in carrying out contracting officer responsibilities.

           (3)  Failure of the contracting officer to comply with continuous learning requirements.

      (e)  If a contracting officer with a PBS National Acquisition Warrant or PBS National Leasing Warrant–

           (1)  Transfers to another office within PBS, the gaining PBS office must validate the organizational need for the national warrant and issue a new national warrant via FAITAS. In the absence of validation, the warrant is terminated with no replacement.

           (2)  Transfers to an office outside of PBS, the warrant is terminated.

      (f)  If a contracting officer with a PBS National Site Acquisition Warrant transfers to another office outside of PBS Central Office, National Center for Site Acquisition, Real Property Valuation, the warrant is terminated.