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503.104-7 Violations or possible violations.

503.104-7 Violations or possible violations.

      (a) The HCA is the individual designated under FAR 3.104-7 (a)(1) to receive information related to a conclusion that a reported or possible violation has no impact on a procurement.

      (b)  If the HCA receives information describing an actual or possible violation, the HCA must take all of the following actions:

           (1)  Refer the matter immediately to the Inspector General;

           (2) Determine what action to take on the procurement under FAR 3.104-7 (b)–(g); and

           (3)  Notify the Administrator if he or she determines that urgent and compelling circumstances, or other Government interests, justify the award or modification.

      (c) If a contracting officer has not been appointed, the contracting director performs the contracting officer actions defined in FAR 3.104-7.