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507.105 Contents of acquisition plans.

507.105 Contents of acquisition plans.

      (a)   Written.

(1) The APW contains the format prescribed in FAR 7.105 and shall be used in the preparation of acquisition plans. Where a particular element described in FAR 7.105 does not apply, the acquisition plan should read “not applicable.” The dollar value, complexity (e.g., commercial versus non-commercial item) and method of acquisition (e.g., full and open competition versus task/delivery order) of the supplies and services to be acquired will affect the scope and breadth of the acquisition plan.

           (2) FAR 7.106 (major systems) and FAR 7.107 (consolidation, bundling, or substantial bundling) shall be addressed in the plans, if applicable.

           (3)  For leasehold interests in real property, a modified version of the contents of acquisition plans for leases is provided in the APW.

           (4) The requirement for a written plan may be waived by the appropriate level of an approving official listed in GSAM 507.105(c). When the requirement for a written plan is waived, an oral plan is still required. The planner must obtain approval for the oral plan from the approving official.

           (5)  Software. If procuring software, specify the result of any software requirement alternatives analysis that has been completed in accordance with 511.002(d).

      (b)   Oral plans. Oral plans are only authorized by approval of the HCA and may be used in unusual and compelling situations. The planner shall document a summary of the oral plan, and shall also include: the name and signature of the approving official; the date the oral plan was approved; and the reason for waiving a written plan. The summary shall be included in the official contract file. In addition, the summary should be a part of, or attached to, any justification for other than full and open competition as required by FAR 6.302, or in the basis for using an exception to the fair opportunity process required by FAR 16.505(b)(2). The summary may be prepared after award if preparation before award would unreasonably delay the award, such as in the case of circumstances warranting the use of a letter contract.

      (c)   Approval thresholds.

(1)  The following are the dollar value thresholds and the level of the approving official for approving acquisition plans or waiving written plans. For purposes of leasing, the Simplified Leasing Acquisition Threshold (SLAT) is defined in part  570. The HCA may authorize higher level approving officials for the thresholds set out below.


Approving Official

Below the SAT

(SLAT for leases)

Contracting Officer

SAT (SLAT for leases) to,

and including, $6 million

One Level above the Contracting Officer

Over $6 million to,

and including, $20 million

Contracting Director

Over $20 million


Note: Thresholds shall include all options.

           (2)  If the acquisition meets one of the following criteria and is greater than the SAT, the planner must obtain HCA approval of the plan:

                (i)  Complex, critical to agency strategic objectives and mission, highly visible or politically sensitive.

                (ii)  An acquisition with which GSA has little or no experience that may result in a need for greater oversight or risk management.

                (iii)  Actions using significantly changed methods (e.g., methods of procurement such as lease versus purchase, or methods of performance such as contractor versus Government personnel).

                (iv)  New construction or repair, lease prospectus and alteration prospectus budget line items.

                (v)  Any acquisition that involves–

                     (A) Consolidation above $2 million (FAR 7.107-2); or

                     (B) Bundling at any dollar value (FAR 7.107-3)

           (3)  Acquisitions requiring additional transactional data reporting elements to those listed in subparagraph (b)(2) of clauses 552.216-75 and 552.238-80 Alternate I

                (i)  Must be coordinated with the applicable category manager, and obtain approval by the HCA and SPE; and

                (ii)  Must provide the information at 501.304(b)(4) in the rationale for adding transactional data reporting elements.

                (iii)  The approval requirements in this subparagraph do not apply to additional data elements added to a task/delivery order or blanket purchase agreement. However, coordination with the applicable category manager is required.