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514.402-1 Unclassified bids.

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514.402-1 Unclassified bids.

514.402-1 Unclassified bids.

      (a)   Location of bid openings. Public bid openings take place in the regional SBUC if the bid custodian is in the regional SBUC. If the bid opening occurs elsewhere, inform the regional SBUC. Give the regional SBUC the invitation number and the location of the bid opening.

      (b)   Bid opening officer.

(1) The contracting officer may appoint a qualified employee of the contracting office as assistant bid opening officer as provided in FAR 14.402-1(b).

           (2)  The distance between the regional SBUC and the contracting office may make it impracticable for the contracting officer to conduct bid opening. In this case, the contracting officer may request the HCA and the Associate Administrator for Small Business Utilization (E) in Central Office, or the SBUC Director in the Region, to authorize a qualified regional SBUC employee to open, read, and record bids.

      (c)  Bid openings are open to business representatives, members of the press, and the general public.