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52.234-1 Industrial Resources Developed Under TitleIII, Defense Production Act.

52.234-1 Industrial Resources Developed Under TitleIII, Defense Production Act.

As prescribed at 34.104 , insert the following clause:

Industrial Resources Developed Under TitleIII Defense Production Act (Sept 2016)

      (a) Definitions. “TitleIII industrial resource” means materials, services, processes, or manufacturing equipment (including the processes, technologies, and ancillary services for the use of such equipment) established or maintained under the authority of TitleIII, Defense Production Act (50 U.S.C. App.2091-2093).

     “TitleIII project contractor” means a contractor that has received assistance for the development or manufacture of an industrial resource under Title III of Defense Production Act (50 U.S.C. App.2091-2093).

      (b) The Contractor shall refer any request from a TitleIII project contractor for testing and qualification of a TitleIII industrial resource to the Contracting Officer.

      (c) Upon the direction of the Contracting Officer, the Contractor shall test TitleIII industrial resources for qualification. The Contractor shall provide the test results to the Defense Production Act Office, TitleIII Program, located at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio 45433-7739.

      (d) When the Contracting Officer modifies the contract to direct testing pursuant to this clause, the Government will provide the TitleIII industrial resource to be tested and will make an equitable adjustment in the contract for the costs of testing and qualification of the TitleIII industrial resource.

      (e) The Contractor agrees to insert the substance of this clause, including paragraph (e), in every subcontract issued in performance of this contract.

(End of clause)