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53.215-1 Solicitation and receipt of proposals.

53.215-1 Solicitation and receipt of proposals.

The following forms are prescribed, as stated in the following paragraphs, for use in contracting by negotiation (except for construction, architect-engineer services, or acquisitions made using simplified acquisition procedures):

     (a)SF 26 (Rev.3/2013), Award/Contract.SF 26, prescribed in 53.214(a), may be used in entering into negotiated contracts in which the signature of both parties on a single document is appropriate, as specified in 15.509. Block 18 may not be used for negotiated procurements.

     (b)SF 30 (Rev.11/2016), Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract.SF 30, prescribed in 53.243, may be used for amending requests for proposals and for amending requests for information, as specified in 15.210(b).

     (c)SF 33 (Rev.9/97), Solicitation, Offer and Award.SF 33, prescribed in 53.214(c), may be used in connection with the solicitation and award of negotiated contracts. Award of such contracts may be made by either OF 307, SF 33, or SF 26, as specified in 53.214(c) and 15.509.

     (d) OF 17 (Rev.12/93), Offer Label.OF 17 may be furnished with each request for proposals to facilitate identification and handling of proposals, as specified in 15.210(c).

     (e)OF 307(Rev.8/2016), Contract Award.OF 307 may be used to award negotiated contracts as specified in 15.509.

     (f)OF 308 (Rev.9/97), Solicitation and Offer-Negotiated Acquisition. OF 308 may be used to support solicitation of negotiated contracts as specified in 15.210(a). Award of such contracts may be made by OF 307, as specified in 15.509.

     (g)OF 309 (Rev.9/97), Amendment of Solicitation.OF 309 may be used to amend solicitations of negotiated contracts, as specified in 15.210(b).