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532.606 Debt determination and collection.

532.606 Debt determination and collection.

      (a) The contract finance office is responsible for the administration of debt collection pursuant to GSA directives, currently found in the Accounting Operations—Accounts Receivable and Credit and Finance Operations, and Related Activities Handbook (PFM P 4253.1).

      (b)  If the contracting officer determines that a debt in excess of $100 is delinquent, he/she shall notify the applicable finance office for collection in accordance with the Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996, and possibly forward the information to the Department of the Treasury’s Financial Management Service for administrative offset and cross-servicing.

      (c)  If the contractor appeals the demand for payment pursuant to the Disputes clause of its contract, the contracting officer shall advise the Finance Office whether to suspend collection efforts pending resolution of the dispute.