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536.203 Government estimate of construction cost.

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536.203 Government estimate of construction cost.

536.203 Government estimate of construction cost.

      (a)  Preparation of the Government Estimate.

           (1)  A copy of the independent Government estimate shall be submitted to the contracting officer before the date and time for bid opening or the date for receipt of proposals.

           (2)  Before releasing a solicitation amendment that may affect price, a revised Government estimate shall be provided.

      (b)  Release of the Government Estimate.

           (1)  Prior to award, the Government may disclose budget (e.g. prospectus) information in addition to the information required under FAR 36.204 and GSAM 536.204.

           (2) During negotiations, the Government may disclose specific cost figures, but only to the extent considered necessary for arriving at a fair and reasonable price (also see 536.7103(c) and FAR 15.306(e)(3)).

           (3)  Prior to award and during negotiations, the overall amount of the independent Government estimated price may not be disclosed.

      (c)  Use of the Government estimate. The contracting officer may use the Government estimate. to evaluate offers, as a guide in conducting contract negotiations or negotiations of contract modifications, and as a tool for determining the reasonableness or realism of prices.