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536.7102 Definitions.

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536.7102 Definitions.

536.7102 Definitions.

As used in this subpart—

“CMc Contingency Allowance (CCA)” means an allowance for the exclusive use of the construction contractor to cover reimbursable costs during construction that are not the basis of a change order. These costs could include estimating, scheduling, and planning errors in the final Estimated Cost of the Work (ECW) or other contractor errors.

“Cost” means allowable costs in accordance with FAR Part 31.

“Cost of Performance” means the final sum of cost of the construction work and fee for the construction work.

“Early Work Package” means a set of construction activities that can be clearly defined and separately performed from the remainder of the construction work. Demolition is an example of an early work package.

“Estimated Cost of the Work (ECW)” means the estimated cost of the construction work, not including home office overhead.

“Fee for the Construction Work” means the amount established in the construction contract for the contractor's profit and home office overhead costs, as described in FAR part 31, for the construction work.

“Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)” means the sum of the ECW, CCA, and the fee for the construction work.