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538.7202 Awarding Order-Level Materials in FSS contracts.

538.7202 Awarding Order-Level Materials in FSS contracts.

      (a)  Federal Supply Schedules authorizing order-level materials must include a separate Special Item Number (SIN) with the following scope:

           (1)  Order-level materials are supplies or services acquired in direct support of a contractor's offerings and which are unknown before a task or delivery order is placed against the FSS contract or FSS BPA); including, direct materials, subcontracts for supplies and incidental services for which there is not a labor category specified in the FSS contract, other direct costs, and indirect costs. Order-level materials are subject to a negotiated price ceiling that the contractor exceeds at its own risk.

           (2)  Items awarded under ancillary supplies or other direct cost (ODC) SINs are not order-level materials.

      (b)  The order-level materials SIN cannot be the only awarded SIN on a FSS contract or FSS BPA.

      (c)  Price Pricing analysis for order-level materials is not conducted when awarding the Federal Supply Schedule FSS contract or FSS BPA; therefore, sections 538.270 and 538.271 do not apply to order-level materials.