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552.101-70 Using Part 552.

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552.101-70 Using Part 552.

552.101-70 Using Part 552.

      (a)   Definition. “Clause,” as used in this subpart, means provision or clause as defined in FAR 52.101(a).

      (b)   Numbering.

(1)  Clauses which are “substantially” the same as FAR clauses and clauses to be used instead of FAR clauses are identified as follows:

                (i)  The clause has the same title as a clause in the FAR.

                (ii)  The number 5 precedes the clause.

                (iii)  The clause appears under the same subsection number and caption as in the FAR.

           (2)  Supplemental clauses are numbered in the same manner as the FAR, except:

                (i)  The chapter number precedes the clause.

                (ii)  The subsection numbers begin with 70.

                (iii)  The clauses are sequentially numbered, e.g., 552.232-70, 552.232-71, etc.

      (c)   Matrixes. Matrixes provide a guide to locating clauses. Matrixes are included for:

           (1)  Simplified acquisitions.

           (2)  Supply, service, construction, and architect-engineer solicitations and contracts.

           (3)  FAR and GSAR clauses for utility contracts (sole-supplier-regulated rates).

           (4)  Leases of real property.

      (d)  Individuals drafting solicitations must research pertinent regulations or make other determinations to ensure that:

           (1)  The clauses selected fit the procurement.

           (2)  There are no restrictions on their use.

           (3)  When one clause depends on the use of another clause, the solicitation includes all necessary clauses.