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552.216-73 Ordering Information.

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552.216-73 Ordering Information.

552.216-73 Ordering Information.

As prescribed in 516.506 Solicitation provisions and contract clauses.(c), insert the following provision:

Ordering Information (Aug2010)

      (a)  In accordance with the Placement of Orders clause of this solicitation, the offeror elects to receive orders placed by GSA’s Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) by either facsimile transmission or computer-to-computer Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

      (b)  An offeror electing to receive computer-to-computer EDI is requested to indicate below the name, address, and telephone number of the representative to be contacted regarding establishment of an EDI interface.

      (c)  An offeror electing to receive orders by facsimile transmission is requested to indicate below the telephone number(s) for facsimile transmission equipment where orders should be forwarded.

      (d)  For mailed orders, the offeror is requested to include the postal mailing address(es) where paper form orders should be mailed.

      (e)  Offerors marketing through dealers are requested to indicate below whether those dealers will be participating in the proposed contract.

     YES ____ NO ____

     If “yes” is checked, ordering information to be inserted above shall reflect that in addition to offeror’s name, address, and facsimile transmission telephone number, orders can be addressed to the offeror’s name, c/o nearest local dealer. In this event, two copies of a list of participating dealers shall accompany this offer, and shall also be included in Contractor’s Federal Supply Schedule pricelist.

     (End of provision)

Alternate I (Sep1999). As prescribed in 516.506 Solicitation provisions and contract clauses.(c), delete paragraph(d) of the basic provision.