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552.217-71 Notice Regarding Option(s).

552.217-71 Notice Regarding Option(s).

As prescribed in 517.208 Solicitation provisions and contract clauses.(b), insert the following provision:

Notice Regarding Option(s) (Nov1992)

The General Services Administration (GSA) has included an option to [Insert “purchase additional quantities of supplies or services” or “extend the term of this contract” or “purchase additional quantities of supplies or services and to extend the term of this contract”] in order to demonstrate the value it places on quality performance by providing a mechanism for continuing a contractual relationship with a successful Offeror that performs at a level which meets or exceeds GSA’s quality performance expectations as communicated to the Contractor, in writing, by the Contracting Officer or designated representative. When deciding whether to exercise the option, the Contracting Officer will consider the quality of the Contractor’s past performance under this contract in accordance with 48CFR517.207.

(End of provision)