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570.203-3 Soliciting offers.

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570.203-3 Soliciting offers.

570.203-3 Soliciting offers.

      (a)  The contracting officer must solicit offers by providing each prospective offeror a proposed short form lease GSA Form 3626 or SFO. The short form lease or SFO must:

           (1)  Describe the Government’s requirements.

           (2)  List all award factors, including price or cost, and any significant subfactors that the contracting officer will consider in awarding the lease.

           (3)  State the relative importance of the evaluation factors and subfactors.

           (4)  State whether all evaluation factors other than cost or price, when combined, are either:

                (i)  Significantly more important than cost or price.

                (ii)  Approximately equal in importance to cost or price.

                (iii)  Significantly less important than cost or price.

           (5)  Include either in full text or by reference, applicable FAR provisions and contract clauses required by 570.6.

           (6)  Include sustainable design requirements.

      (b)  As necessary, review with prospective offerors the Government’s requirements, pricing matters, evaluation procedures and submission of offers.