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570.306 Evaluating offers.

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570.306 Evaluating offers.

570.306 Evaluating offers.

      (a)  The contracting officer must evaluate offers solely in accordance with the factors and subfactors stated in the SFO.

      (b)  Evaluate prices and document the lease file to demonstrate that the proposed contract price is fair and reasonable. The contracting officer must review the elements of the offeror’s proposed rent to analyze whether the individual elements are realistic and reflect the offeror’s clear understanding of the work to be performed. The contracting officer must discuss any inconsistencies with the offeror. If the offeror refuses to support or make any changes to the rent proposed, consider the risk to the Government prior to making any lease award.

      (c)  Evaluate past performance on previous lease projects in accordance with 515.305 and FAR 15.305(a)(2). Obtain information through:

           (1)  Questionnaires tailored to the circumstances of the acquisition;

           (2)  Interviews with program managers or contracting officers;

           (3)  Other sources; or

           (4) Past performance information collected under FAR 42.15 and available through the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System at​, or successor system.

      (d) The contracting officer may obtain information to evaluate an offeror’s past performance on subcontracting plan goals and small disadvantaged business participation, monetary targets, and notifications under FAR 19.1202-4(b) from the following sources:

           (1)  The Small Business Administration;

           (2)  Information on prior contracts from contracting officers and administrative contracting officers;

           (3)  Offeror’s references; and

           (4) Past performance information collected under FAR 42.15 and available through PPIRS.

      (e)  Document the evaluation of award factors other than price listed in the solicitation. The file must include the basis for evaluation, an analysis of each offer, and a summary of findings.

      (f)  Also see the requirements in 570.108, 570.109 and 570.111.