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Change Number: 2022-0517
Effective Date: 05/17/2022



32.402 General.

(c)(1)(iii) The HCA is the designee.

32.407 Interest.

(d) The HCA is the designee.


32.703-2 Contracts conditioned upon availability of funds.

(S-90) The standard DISA practice for awarding a contract action Subject to Availability of Funds (SAF) is based upon receipt of a SAF funding document from the mission partner. In the event an external mission partner cannot provide a SAF funding document, the Contracting Officer may accept a “Notice of Subject to Availability of Funds” memorandum in accordance with template provided at DARS PGI 32.

32.703-90 Solicitations issued without funding.

(a) A Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Quotation (RFQ) may be released, for DISA internal mission partners only, conditioned on the availability of funds, only when paragraphs (1) or (2) below apply.

(1) When the resulting contract is to be funded by Procurement or Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation Appropriations, and the program/requirement has been included in the President’s budget as submitted to Congress. In these instances, the program manager shall provide the contracting officer a written statement (coordinated with OCFO) that these funds will be used for the proposed acquisition and although not presently available, a reasonable expectation exists that funding will be authorized and available upon enactment of the Authorization and/or Appropriations Acts.

(2) DISA Directorates shall submit a commitment letter within the requirements package in order to in order release a solicitation prior to the funds being available. The commitment letter shall state the following and be signed by the Program Management Representative and the Financial Account Managers (FAM) at the Branch Chief level:

The goods and/or services are legitimate and represent a bona fide need for FY (insert fiscal year and color of money(appropriated type of funds or DWCF)). Funds have been programmed or committed but are not yet currently available for $(insert amount) of the commitment amount.

The funds are expected to be released on or about (insert availability date).


**(Program Management Representative name and signature block)


( Financial Account Manager’s name and signature block)

**NOTE: If there are issues with the Program Management Representative signing, notify the Program Management Representative’s chain of command.

(b) Solicitations for such contracts may be issued so long as potential offerors are apprised that although no funds are currently available to award the contract, the PMO and FAM have provided written assertion that the requirement is legitimate and funds have been programmed or committed it will be funded.

(c) The Contracting Officer shall include FAR 52.232-18, Availability of Funds, in all solicitations issued without funding under the authority of DARS 32.703-90.


32.901 Applicability.

(S-90) When an order is placed or a contract is awarded against an existing telecommunications tariff, the terms of the tariff prevail regarding prompt payment. Normally, the tariff addresses the late payment period and the calculation of the interest charge. Where the tariff is silent, the Prompt Payment Act terms and conditions apply.


32.1106 EFT mechanisms.

(S-90) Delivery Ticket Invoicing (DTI). The DTI contract payment method may be applied against firm fixed price contracts or Communication Service Authorization (CSA) orders for telecommunications services in which the receiving document, when combined with the contract/order, contains sufficient information to determine a contractor's payment entitlement, without requiring the contractor to submit an invoice. A Contracting Officer who determines to implement the DTI contract payment method in a contract or order shall follow the DTI Standard Operating Procedures located in the Corporate Library .

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