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Change Number: 2022-0517
Effective Date: 05/17/2022



205.303 Announcement of contract awards.

(a)(i) For contract actions awarded by a DISA contracting officer, regardless of the mission partner, the contracting officer shall prepare a Public Announcement when the face value of a contractual action exceeds $7.5M.

(S-90) Required format for a “Public Announcement” is in the DARS PGI 205.303(a)(i)(S-90).

(S-91) Procedures for preparation and routing the Public Announcement is in the DARS PGI 205.303(a)(i)(S-91).


5.401 General.

(S-90) Communication of Acquisition Strategy Information to Industry.

For acquisitions with an estimated total lifecycle exceeding $50M, when a Sources Sought Notice (SSN) or Request for Information (RFI) has posted to Contract Opportunities, the contracting officer may find it appropriated to update the Contract Opportunity announcement to identify the acquisition strategy once market research has been completed and the strategy has been approved. Contracting officers may provide additional updates as deemed appropriate.

(1) To include the following information:

(i) Contract vehicle (e.g., Federal Supply Schedule, Government-wide Acquisition Contract, Multiple-Award Contract, or Blanket Purchase Agreement) that will be leveraged to solicit the acquisition, if applicable. If utilizing Federal Supply Schedules, the specific Schedule number and Special Item Number(s) under which the requirement may be provided.

(ii) North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code selected for the acquisition.

(iii) Identification of small business set-aside to include the specific socio-economic category, if applicable.

(iv) Projected time frame for Request for Proposal (RFP)/ Request for Quotation (RFQ) posting.

(S-91) Proactive Updates to Interested Parties after Receipt of Proposals / Quotations.

(1) For acquisitions with an estimated total lifecycle value exceeding $50M, the contracting officer may notify interested parties of the projected award date; for example, approximately 30 calendar days prior to the anticipated date of award. Source selection information shall not be provided with this notification. Contracting officers may provide additional status updates as deemed appropriate.

(2) Notifications to interested parties shall clearly articulate that the purpose of the notification is solely to provide interested parties with status information for the subject procurement and the Government is not soliciting feedback or proposals/quotations as a result of the notification. Notifications should be reviewed by the assigned legal counsel prior to release.

5.403 Request from Members of Congress.

(S-90) Upon Receipt of a congressional request, the contracting officer shall report the request to their CoCO and HCO immediately, if the request was not received from the HCO. The HCO will notify the PSD Front Office for further guidance.

(S-91) Once guidance is received, the contracting officer shall prepare the congressional response in accordance with the Congressional Template located in DARS PGI 5.403. Submit the congressional response to the PSD Front Office mailbox with the SUBJECT: Congressional Inquiry. The PSD Front Office will further coordinate the response with those outside of PSD and obtain the appropriate approval.

5.404 Release of long–range acquisition estimates.

(S-90) The PL2 Policy & Contract Operations Division oversees development of the DISA Procurement Forecast spreadsheet of acquisition opportunities. The Forecast is updated and posted to the DITCO and DISA website twice annually (1st and 2nd quarter of each fiscal year) to inform Industry of projected procurement opportunities exceeding $5M.

(S-91) The Procurement Service Directorate (led by the PL2 Policy & Contract Operations Division) will host an annual Forecast to Industry day. DISA executives will brief strategic goals and Program Management Offices will brief and be available to discuss with Industry specific mission critical and high value/visibility acquisitions.

5.404-1 Release procedures.

(a) The Procurement Directorate is authorized to release long-range acquisition estimates.


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