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Change Number: 2022-0517
Effective Date: 05/17/2022


16.504 Indefinite–quantity contracts.

(S-90) Funding for the minimum guarantee shall be obligated at the time of contract award via the first order. (See DARS 7.105(b)(6))

16.505 Ordering.

(b)(6) Postaward Notices and Debriefing of Awardees for Orders Exceeding $6 million. The Initial Letter to Unsuccessful Offerors and Debriefing Letter to Unsuccessful Offerors, located in the DARS PGI , shall be used to notify unsuccessful awardees when the total price of a task or delivery order exceeds $6 million.

(b)(8) Task-order and delivery-order ombudsman. The Designation and Delegation of Authority for the Agency Task and Delivery Order Ombudsman is located at .

16.601 Time–and–materials contracts.

(d)(1) Time-and-materials or labor-hour CLINS for strictly travel costs or Other Direct Costs that are ancillary to the primary purpose of a fixed price contract do not require a determination and findings. T&M or LH CLINS shall not exceed 33.33% of the total contract value, not including travel; a D&F is required if exceeding 33.33%.

216.601 Time–and–materials contracts.

(d)(i)(A)(1)(i) The Chief of the Contracting Office is the senior contracting official within the contracting activity.

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