Part Number: 915

Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation

915.404-4 Profit.

(c)(4)(i) Contracting officer responsibilities. The statutory limitations on price and fee as set forth in 48 CFR 15.404-4(c)(4)(i) shall be followed, except as exempted for DOE architect-engineer contracts covering Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) and Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) functions. Pursuant to section 602(d) (13) and (20) of the Federal Property and Administration Services Act of 1949, as amended, those former AEC functions, as well as those of the BPA, now being performed by DOE are exempt from the 6 percent of cost restriction on contracts for architect-engineer services. The estimated costs on which the maximum fee is computed shall include facilities capital cost of money when this cost is included in cost estimates.

(c)(6) In cases where a change or modification calls for substantially different work than the basic contract, the contractor's effort may be radically changed and a detailed analysis of the profit factors would be a necessity. Also, if the dollar amount of the change or contract modification is very significant in comparison to the contract dollar amount, a detailed analysis should be made.

(d) Profit-analysis factors. A profit/fee analysis technique designed for a systematic application of the profit factors in 48 CFR 15.404-4(d) provides contracting officers with an approach that will ensure consistent consideration of the relative value of the various factors in the establishment of a profit objective and the conduct of negotiations for a contract award. It also provides a basis for documentation of this objective, including an explanation of any significant departure from it in reaching a final agreement. The contracting officer's analysis of these prescribed factors is based on information available prior to negotiations. Such information is furnished in proposals, audit data, performance reports, preaward surveys and the like.