Change Number: DFARS Change 08/26/2022
Effective Date: 08/26/2022

212.7102-1 Contracts underthe program.

The contracting officer may utilize this pilot program to enter into contracts for the acquisition of military-purpose nondevelopmental items. See PGI 212.7102 for file documentation requirements. Each contract entered into under the pilot program shall—

(a) Be a firm-fixed-price contract, or a fixed-price contract with an economic price adjustment clause;

(b) Be in an amount not in excess of $100 million;

(c) Provide—

(1) For the delivery of an initial lot of production quantities of completed items not later than nine months after the date of the award of such contract; and

(2) That failure to make delivery as provided for under paragraph (c)(1) may result in termination for cause; and

(d) Be—

(1) Exempt from the requirement to submit certified cost or pricing data;

(2) Exempt from the cost accounting standards under 41 U.S.C. 1502; and

(3) Subject to the requirement to provide data other than certified cost or pricing data for the purpose of price reasonableness determinations.


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