Part Number: 3415

Department of Education Acquisition Regulation

Subpart 3415.6 - Unsolicited Proposals

3415.605 Content of unsolicited proposals.

(d) Each unsolicited proposal must contain the following certification:

Unsolicited Proposal Certification by Offeror

This is to certify, to the best of my knowledge and belief, that -

a. This proposal has not been prepared under Federal government supervision;

b. The methods and approaches stated in the proposal were developed by this offeror;

c. Any contact with employees of the Department of Education has been within the limits of appropriate advance guidance set forth in FAR 15.604; and

d. No prior commitments were received from Departmental employees regarding acceptance of this proposal.





(This certification must be signed by a responsible person authorized to enter into contracts on behalf of the organization.)

3415.606 Agency procedures.


(1) The HCA or designee is the contact point to coordinate the receipt, control, and handling of unsolicited proposals.

(2) Offerors must direct unsolicited proposals to the HCA.