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Part 47—Transportation

47.000 Scope of part.

47.001 Definitions.

47.002 Applicability.

Subpart 47.1—General

47.101 Policies.

47.102 Transportation insurance.

47.103 Transportation Documentation and Audit Regulation (TDA).

47.104 Government rate tenders under section 10721 of the Interstate Commerce Act.

47.104-1 Government freight.

47.104-2 Fixed-price contracts.

47.104-3 Cost-reimbursement contracts.

47.104-4 Contract clauses.

47.104-5 Citation of Government rate tenders.

47.105 Transportation assistance.

Subpart 47.2—Contracts for Transportation or for Transportation-Related Services

47.200 Scope of subpart.

47.201 Definitions.

47.202 Presolicitation planning.

47.203 Transportation term contracts.

47.204 Single-movement contracts.

47.205 Availability of term contracts and basic ordering agreements for transportation or for transportation-related services.

47.206 Preparation of solicitations and contracts.

47.207 Solicitation provisions, contract clauses, and special requirements.

47.207-1 Qualifications of offerors.

47.207-2 Duration of contract and time of performance.

47.207-3 Description of shipment, origin, and destination.

47.207-4 Determination of weights.

47.207-5 Contractor responsibilities.

47.207-6 Rates and charges.

47.207-7 Liability and insurance.

47.207-8 Government responsibilities.

47.207-9 Annotation and distribution of shipping and billing documents.

Subpart 47.3—Transportation in Supply Contracts

47.300 Scope of subpart.

47.301 General.

47.301-1 Responsibilities of contracting officers.

47.301-2 Participation of transportation officers.

47.301-3 Using the Defense Transportation System (DTS).

47.302 Place of delivery—f.o.b. point.

47.303 Standard delivery terms and contract clauses.

47.303-1 F.o.b. origin.

47.303-2 F.o.b. origin, contractor’s facility.

47.303-3 F.o.b. origin, freight allowed.

47.303-4 F.o.b. origin, freight prepaid.

47.303-5 F.o.b. origin, with differentials.

47.303-6 F.o.b. destination.

47.303-7 F.o.b. destination, within consignee’s premises.

47.303-8 F.a.s. vessel, port of shipment.

47.303-9 F.o.b. vessel, port of shipment.

47.303-10 F.o.b. inland carrier, point of exportation.

47.303-11 F.o.b. inland point, country of importation.

47.303-12 Ex dock, pier, or warehouse, port of importation.

47.303-13 C. & f. destination.

47.303-14 C.i.f. destination.

47.303-15 F.o.b. designated air carrier’s terminal, point of exportation.

47.303-16 F.o.b. designated air carrier’s terminal, point of importation.

47.303-17 Contractor-prepaid commercial bills of lading, small package shipments.

47.304 Determination of delivery terms.

47.304-1 General.

47.304-2 Shipments within CONUS.

47.304-3 Shipments from CONUS for overseas delivery.

47.304-4 Shipments originating outside CONUS.

47.304-5 Exceptions.

47.305 Solicitation provisions, contract clauses, and transportation factors.

47.305-1 Solicitation requirements.

47.305-2 Solicitations f.o.b. origin and f.o.b. destination—lowest overall cost.

47.305-3 F.o.b. origin solicitations.

47.305-4 F.o.b. destination solicitations.

47.305-5 Destination unknown.

47.305-6 Shipments to ports and air terminals.

47.305-7 Quantity analysis, direct delivery, and reduction of crosshauling and backhauling.

47.305-8 Consolidation of small shipments and the use of stopoff privileges.

47.305-9 Commodity description and freight classification.

47.305-10 Packing, marking, and consignment instructions.

47.305-11 Options in shipment and delivery.

47.305-12 Delivery of Government-furnished property.

47.305-13 Transit arrangements.

47.305-14 Mode of transportation.

47.305-15 Loading responsibilities of contractors.

47.305-16 Shipping characteristics.

47.305-17 Returnable cylinders.

47.306 Transportation factors in the evaluation of offers.

47.306-1 Transportation cost determinations.

47.306-2 Lowest overall transportation costs.

47.306-3 Adequacy of loading and unloading facilities.

Subpart 47.4—Air Transportation by U.S.-Flag Carriers

47.401 Definitions.

47.402 Policy.

47.403 Guidelines for implementation of the Fly America Act.

47.403-1 Availability and unavailability of U.S.-flag air carrier service.

47.403-2 Air transport agreements between the United States and foreign governments.

47.403-3 Disallowance of expenditures.

47.404 Air freight forwarders.

47.405 Contract clause.

Subpart 47.5—Ocean Transportation by U.S.-Flag Vessels

47.500 Scope of subpart.

47.501 Definitions.

47.502 Policy.

47.503 Applicability.

47.504 Exceptions.

47.505 Construction contracts.

47.506 Procedures.

47.507 Contract clauses.

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