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Part 30—Cost Accounting Standards Administration

30.000 Scope of part.

30.001 Definitions.

Subpart 30.1—General

30.101 Cost Accounting Standards.

30.102 Cost Accounting Standards Board Publication.

Subpart 30.2—CAS Program Requirements

30.201 Contract requirements.

30.201-1 CAS applicability.

30.201-2 Types of CAS coverage.

30.201-3 Solicitation provisions.

30.201-4 Contract clauses.

30.201-5 Waiver.

30.201-6 Findings.

30.201-7 Cognizant Federal agency responsibilities.

30.202 Disclosure requirements.

30.202-1 General requirements.

30.202-2 Impracticality of submission.

30.202-3 Amendments and revisions.

30.202-4 Privileged and confidential information.

30.202-5 Filing Disclosure Statements.

30.202-6 Responsibilities.

30.202-7 Determinations.

30.202-8 Subcontractor Disclosure Statements.

Subpart 30.3—CAS Rules and Regulations [Reserved]

Subpart 30.4—Cost Accounting Standards [Reserved]

Subpart 30.5—Cost Accounting Standards for Educational Institutions [Reserved]

Subpart 30.6—CAS Administration

30.601 Responsibility.

30.602 Materiality.

30.603 Changes to disclosed or established cost accounting practices.

30.603-1 Required changes.

30.603-2 Unilateral and desirable changes.

30.604 Processing changes to disclosed or established cost accounting practices.

30.605 Processing noncompliances.

30.606 Resolving cost impacts.

30.607 Subcontract administration.

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