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22.1003-5 Some examples of contracts covered.

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22.1003-5 Some examples of contracts covered.

22.1003-5 Some examples of contracts covered.

The following examples, while not definitive or exclusive, illustrate some of the types of services that have been found to be covered by the Service Contract Labor Standards statute (see 29 CFR4.130 for additional examples):

      (a) Motor pool operation, parking, taxicab, and ambulance services.

      (b) Packing, crating, and storage.

      (c) Custodial, janitorial, housekeeping, and guard services.

      (d) Food service and lodging.

      (e) Laundry, dry-cleaning, linen-supply, and clothing alteration and repair services.

      (f) Snow, trash, and garbage removal.

      (g) Aerial spraying and aerial reconnaissance for fire detection.

      (h) Some support services at installations, including grounds maintenance and landscaping.

      (i) Certain specialized services requiring specific skills, such as drafting, illustrating, graphic arts, stenographic reporting, or mortuary services.

      (j) Electronic equipment maintenance and operation and engineering support services.

      (k) Maintenance and repair of all types of equipment, for example, aircraft, engines, electrical motors, vehicles, and electronic, office and related business and construction equipment. (But see 22.1003-4(c)(1) and (d)(1)(iv).)

      (l) Operation, maintenance, or logistics support of a Federal facility.

      (m) Data collection, processing and analysis services.