FAC Number: 2022-08
Effective Date: 09/23/2022

23.601 Requirements.

      (a) The clause at 52.223-7, Notice of Radioactive Materials, requires the contractor to notify the contracting officer prior to delivery of radioactive material.

      (b) Upon receipt of the notice, the contracting officer shall notify receiving activities so that appropriate safeguards can be taken.

      (c) The clause permits the contracting officer to waive the notification if the contractor states that the notification on prior deliveries is still current. The contracting officer may waive the notice only after consultation with cognizant technical representatives.

      (d) The contracting officer is required to specify in the clause at 52.223-7, the number of days in advance of delivery that the contractor will provide notification. The determination of the number of days should be done in coordination with the installation/facility radiation protection officer (RPO). The RPO is responsible for insuring the proper license, authorization or permit is obtained prior to receipt of the radioactive material.

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