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34.005-2 Mission-oriented solicitation.

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34.005-2 Mission-oriented solicitation.

34.005-2 Mission-oriented solicitation.

      (a) Before issuing the solicitation, whenever practicable and consistent with agency procedures, the contracting officer should take the actions outlined in paragraphs (a)(1) and (2):

           (1) Advance notification of the acquisition should be given the widest practicable dissemination, including publicizing through the Governmentwide point of entry (see subpart  5.2) and should be sent to as wide a selection of potential sources as practicable, including smaller and newer firms, Government laboratories, federally funded research and development centers, educational institutions and other not-for-profit organizations, and, if it would be beneficial and is not prohibited, foreign sources.

           (2) If appropriate, hold a presolicitation conference (see 15.201) and/or send copies of the proposed solicitation to all prospective offerors for their comments. After evaluation of these comments, the solicitation should be revised, if appropriate.

      (b) The contracting officer shall send the final solicitation to all prospective offerors. It shall-

           (1) Describe the nature of the need in terms of mission capabilities required, without reference to any specific systems to satisfy the need;

           (2) Indicate, and explain when appropriate, the schedule, capability, and cost objectives and any known constraints in the acquisition;

           (3) Provide, or indicate how access can be obtained to, all Government data related to the acquisition;

           (4) Include selection requirements consistent with the acquisition strategy; and

           (5) Clearly state that each offeror is free to propose its own technical approach, main design features, subsystems, and alternatives to schedule, cost, and capability goals.

           (6) Require the use of an Earned Value Management System that complies with the guidelines of Electronic Industries Alliance Standard 748 (EIA-748) (current version at time of solicitation). See 34.201 for earned value management systems and reporting requirements.

      (c) To the extent practicable, the solicitation shall not reference or mandate Government specifications or standards, unless the agency is mandating a subsystem or other component as approved under agency procedure.