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36.212 Preconstruction orientation.

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36.212 Preconstruction orientation.

36.212 Preconstruction orientation.

      (a) The contracting officer will inform the successful offeror of significant matters of interest, including-

           (1) Statutory matters such as labor standards (subpart  22.4), and subcontracting plan requirements (subpart  19.7); and

           (2) Other matters of significant interest, including who has authority to decide matters such as contractual, administrative (e.g., security, safety, and fire and environmental protection), and construction responsibilities.

      (b) As appropriate, the contracting officer may issue an explanatory letter or conduct a preconstruction conference.

      (c) If a preconstruction conference is to be held, the contracting officer shall-

           (1) Conduct the conference prior to the start of construction at the work site;

           (2) Notify the successful offeror of the date, time, and location of the conference (see 36.522); and

           (3) Inform the successful offeror of the proposed agenda and any need for attendance by subcontractors.