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42.1304 Government delay of work.

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42.1304 Government delay of work.

42.1304 Government delay of work.

      (a) The clause at 52.242-17, Government Delay of Work, provides for the administrative settlement of contractor claims that arise from delays and interruptions in the contract work caused by the acts, or failures to act, of the contracting officer. This clause is not applicable if the contract otherwise specifically provides for an equitable adjustment because of the delay or interruption; e.g., when the Changes clause is applicable.

      (b) The clause does not authorize the contracting officer to order a suspension, delay, or interruption of the contract work and it shall not be used as the basis or justification of such an order.

      (c) If the contracting officer has notice of an unordered delay or interruption covered by the clause, the contracting officer shall act to end the delay or take other appropriate action as soon as practicable.

      (d) The contracting officer shall retain in the file a record of all negotiations leading to any adjustment made under the clause, and related certified cost or pricing data, or data other than certified cost or pricing data.