Part 30- Cost Accounting Standards Administration

30.000 Scope of part.

Subpart 30.1-General

30.101 Cost Accounting Standards.
30.102 Cost Accounting Standards Board Publication.

Subpart 30.2-CAS Program Requirements

30.201 Contract requirements.
30.201-1 CAS applicability.
30.201-2 Types of CAS coverage.
30.201-3 Solicitation provisions.
30.201-4 Contract clauses.
30.201-5 Waiver.
30.201-6 Findings.
30.201-7 Cognizant Federal agency responsibilities.
30.202 Disclosure requirements.
30.202-1 General requirements.
30.202-2 Impracticality of submission.
30.202-3 Amendments and revisions.
30.202-4 Privileged and confidential information.
30.202-5 Filing Disclosure Statements.
30.202-6 Responsibilities.
30.202-7 Determinations.
30.202-8 Subcontractor Disclosure Statements.

Subpart 30.3-CAS Rules and Regulations [Reserved]

Subpart 30.4-Cost Accounting Standards [Reserved]

Subpart 30.5-Cost Accounting Standards for Educational Institutions [Reserved]

Subpart 30.6-CAS Administration

30.601 Responsibility.
30.602 Changes to disclosed or established cost accounting practices.
30.602-1 Equitable adjustments for new or modified standards.
30.602-2 Noncompliance with CAS requirements.
30.602-3 Voluntary changes.
30.603 Subcontract administration.