Part 515—Contracting by Negotiation

Subpart 515.2—Solicitation and Receipt of Proposals and Information

515.204 Contract format.

515.204-1 Uniform contract format.

515.205 Issuing solicitations.

515.207 Handling proposals and information.

515.209 Solicitation provisions and contract clauses.

515.209-70 Examination of records by GSA clause.

515.210 Forms.

515.210-70 GSA Form 1602.

Subpart 515.3—Source Selection

515.300 Scope of subpart

515.305 Proposal evaluation.

515.305-70 Use of outside evaluators.

515.306 Exchanges with offerors after receipt of proposals.

Subpart 515.4—Contract Pricing

515.403 Obtaining cost or pricing data.

515.403-4 Requiring cost or pricing data (10 U.S.C. 2306a and 41 U.S.C. 254b).

515.404-2 Information to support proposal analysis.

515.404-4 Profit.

515.404-70 Nonprofit organizations.

515.405 Price negotiation.

515.408 Solicitation provisions and contract clauses.

Subpart 515.5—Preaward, Award, and Postaward Notifications, Protests, and Mistakes

515.506 Postaward debriefing of offerors.

515.570 Release of information concerning unsuccessful offerors.

Subpart 515.6—Unsolicited Proposals

515.601 Definitions.

515.606 Agency procedures.

515.606-2 Evaluation.

515.609 Limited use of data.

Subpart 515.70—Use of Bid Samples

515.7000 General.

515.7001 Policy.

515.7002 Procedures.

Appendix 515A—Source Selection Procedures