Part 536—Construction and Architect-Engineer Contracts

Subpart 536.1—General

536.101 Applicability.

536.102 Definitions.

Subpart 536.2—Special Aspects of Contracting for Construction

536.201 Evaluation of contractor performance.

536.202 Specifications.

536.203 Government estimate of construction cost.

536.204 Disclosure of the magnitude of construction projects.

536.213 Special procedures for sealed bidding in construction contracting.

536.213-3 Invitations for bids.

536.213-370 Bids that include alternates.

536.213-371 Bids that include options.

536.213-372 Bids that include both alternates and options.

536.270 Exercise of options.

536.271 Project labor agreements.

Subpart 536.5—Contract Clauses

536.570 Supplemental provisions and clauses.

536.570-1 Definitions.

536.570-2 Authorities and limitations.

536.570-3 Specialist.

536.570-4 Basis of award—construction contract.

536.570-5 Working hours.

536.570-6 Use of premises.

536.570-7 Measurements.

536.570-8 Specifications and drawings.

536.570-9 Shop drawings, coordination drawings, and schedules.

536.570-10 Samples.

536.570-11 Heat.

536.570-12 Use of equipment by the Government.

536.570-13 Subcontracts.

536.570-14 Requirement for a project labor agreement.

Subpart 536.6—Architect-Engineer Services

536.602 Selection of firms for architect-engineer contracts.

536.602-1 Selection criteria.

536.602-2 Evaluation boards.

536.602-3 Evaluation board functions.