Change Number: Change 169 GSAR Case 2022-G518
Effective Date: 09/08/2023

552.236-76 Basis of Award— Sealed Bidding Construction.

552.236-76 Basis of Award— Sealed Bidding Construction.

As prescribed in 536.270-5 (c), insert a provision substantially the same as the following provision:

Basis of Award - Sealed Bidding Construction (Mar 2019)

A bid may be rejected as nonresponsive if the bid is materially unbalanced as to bid prices. A bid is unbalanced when the bid is based on prices significantly less than cost for some work and significantly overstated for other work.

(End of provision)

Alternate I (Mar 2019). As prescribed in 536.270-5 (c), redesignate the basic provision as paragraph (a) and add the following paragraph (b) to the basic provision:

(b)(1) The low bidder for purposes of award is the responsible bidder offering the lowest aggregate price for:

(i) The base requirement; plus

(ii) All options designated to be evaluated.

(2) The evaluation of options will not obligate the Government to exercise the options.