3.907-3 Procedures for filing complaints.

      (a) An employee who believes that he or she has been subjected to reprisal prohibited by the Recovery Act, Section 1553 as set forth in 3.907-2, may submit a complaint regarding the reprisal to the Inspector General of the agency that awarded the contract.

      (b) The complaint shall be signed and shall contain-

           (1) The name of the contractor;

           (2) The contract number, if known; if not, a description reasonably sufficient to identify the contract(s) involved;

           (3) The covered information giving rise to the disclosure;

           (4) The nature of the disclosure giving rise to the discriminatory act; and

           (5) The specific nature and date of the reprisal.

      (c) A contracting officer who receives a complaint of reprisal of the type described in 3.907-2 shall forward it to the Office of Inspector General and to other designated officials in accordance with agency procedures (e.g., agency legal counsel).