14.403 Recording of bids.

      (a) Standard Form 1409, Abstract of Offers, or Optional Form 1419, Abstract of Offers-Construction (or automated equivalent), shall be completed and certified as to its accuracy by the bid opening officer as soon after bid opening as practicable. Where bid items are too numerous to warrant complete recording of all bids, abstract entries for individual bids may be limited to item numbers and bid prices. In preparing these forms, the extra columns and SF 1410, Abstract of Offers-Continuation, and OF 1419A, Abstract of Offer-Construction, Continuation Sheet, may be used to label and record such information as the contracting activity deems necessary.

      (b) Abstracts of offers for unclassified acquisitions shall be available for public inspection. Such abstracts shall not contain information regarding failure to meet minimum standards of responsibility, apparent collusion of bidders, or other notations properly exempt from disclosure to the public in accordance with agency regulations implementing subpart  24.2.

      (c) The forms identified in paragraph (a) of this section need not be used by the Defense Energy Support Center for acquisitions of coal or petroleum products or by the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia for perishable subsistence items.

      (d) If an invitation for bids is canceled before the time set for bid opening, this fact shall be recorded together with a statement of the number of bids invited and the number of bids received.