22.1004 Department of Labor responsibilities and regulations.

Under the Service Contract Labor Standards statute, the Secretary of Labor is authorized and directed to enforce the provisions of the Service Contract Labor Standards statute, make rules and regulations, issue orders, hold hearings, make decisions, and take other appropriate action. The Department of Labor has issued implementing regulations on such matters as-

(a) Service contract labor standards provisions and procedures (29 CFR Part 4, SubpartA);

(b) Wage determination procedures (29 CFR Part 4, subparts A and B);

(c) Application of the Service Contract Labor Standards statute (rulings and interpretations) (29 CFR Part 4, SubpartC);

(d) Compensation standards (29 CFR Part 4, SubpartD);

(e) Enforcement (29 CFR Part 4, SubpartE);

(f) Safe and sanitary working conditions (29 CFR Part 1925);

(g) Rules of practice for administrative proceedings enforcing service contract labor standards (29 CFR Part 6); and

(h) Practice before the Administrative Review Board (29 CFR Part 8).