22.1010 Notification to interested parties under collective bargaining agreements.

(a) The contracting officer should determine whether the incumbent prime contractor’s or its subcontractors’ service employees performing on the current contract are represented by a collective bargaining agent. If there is a collective bargaining agent, the contracting officer shall give both the incumbent contractor and its employees’ collective bargaining agent written notification of-

(1) The forthcoming successor contract and the applicable acquisition dates (issuance of solicitation, opening of bids, commencement of negotiations, award of contract, or start of performance, as the case may be); or

(2) The forthcoming contract modification and applicable acquisition dates (exercise of option, extension of contract, change in scope, or start of performance, as the case may be); or

(3) The forthcoming multiple year contract anniversary date (annual anniversary date or biennial date, as the case may be).

(b) This written notification must be given at least 30 days in advance of the earliest applicable acquisition date or the applicable annual or biennial anniversary date in order for the time-of-receipt limitations in paragraphs 22.1012-2(a) and (b) to apply. The contracting officer shall retain a copy of the notification in the contract file.