22.1016 Statement of equivalent rates for Federal hires.

(a) The statement required under the clause at 52.222-42, Statement of Equivalent Rates for Federal Hires, (see 22.1006(b)) shall set forth those wage rates and fringe benefits that would be paid by the contracting activity to the various classes of service employees expected to be utilized under the contract if 5 U.S.C.5332 (General Schedule-white collar) and/or 5 U.S.C.5341 (Wage Board-blue collar) were applicable.

(b) Procedures for computation of these rates are as follows:

(1) Wages paid blue collar employees shall be the basic hourly rate for each class. The rate shall be Wage Board pay schedule step two for nonsupervisory service employees and step three for supervisory service employees.

(2) Wages paid white collar employees shall be an hourly rate for each class. The rate shall be obtained by dividing the general pay schedule step one biweekly rate by 80.

(3) Local civilian personnel offices can assist in determining and providing grade and salary data.