32.207 Administration and payment of commercial financing payments.

      (a) Responsibility. The contracting officer responsible for administration of the contract shall be responsible for review and approval of contract financing requests.

      (b) Approval of financing requests. Unless otherwise provided in agency regulations, or by agreement with the appropriate payment official-

           (1) The contracting officer shall be responsible for receiving, approving, and transmitting all contract financing requests to the appropriate payment office; and

           (2) Each approval shall specify the amount to be paid, necessary contractual information, and the account(s) (see 32.206(d)) to be charged for the payment.

      (c) Management of security. After contract award, the contracting officer responsible for approving requests for financing payments shall be responsible for determining that the security continues to be adequate. If the contractor’s financial condition is the Government’s security, this contracting officer is also responsible for monitoring the contractor’s financial condition.