49.305-1 General.

(a) The TCO shall determine the adjusted fee to be paid, if any, in the manner provided by the contract. The determination is generally based on a percentage of completion of the contract or of the terminated portion. When this basis is used, factors such as the extent and difficulty of the work performed by the contractor (e.g., planning, scheduling, technical study, engineering work, production and supervision, placing and supervising subcontracts, and work performed by the contractor in (1) stopping performance, (2) settling terminated subcontracts, and (3) disposing of termination inventory) shall be compared with the total work required by the contract or by the terminated portion. The contractor’s adjusted fee shall not include an allowance for fee for subcontract effort included in subcontractors’ settlement proposals.

(b) The ratio of costs incurred to the total estimated cost of performing the contract or the terminated portion is only one factor in computing the percentage of completion. This percentage may be either greater or less than that indicated by the ratio of costs incurred, depending upon the evaluation by the TCO of other pertinent factors.