50.205-4 Authorization of awards made presuming SAFETY Act designation or certification after contract award.

(a) When necessary to award a contract prior to DHS issuing SAFETY Act protections, contracting officers may award contracts presuming that DHS will issue a SAFETY Act designation/certification to the contractor after contract award only if-

(1) The criteria of 50.205-3(a) are met;

(2) The chief of the contracting office (or other official designated in agency procedures) approves the action; and

(3) The contracting officer advises DHS of the timelines for potential award and consults DHS as to when DHS could reasonably complete evaluations of offerors’ applications for SAFETY Act designations or certifications.

(b) Contracting officers shall not authorize offers presuming that SAFETY Act certification will be obtained (as opposed to a SAFETY Act designation), unless a block certification applies to the class of technology to be acquired under the solicitation.