52.222-49 Service Contract Labor Standards-Place of Performance Unknown.

As prescribed in 22.1006(f), insert the following clause:

Service Contract Labor Standards-Place of Performance Unknown (May 2014)

(a) This contract is subject to the Service Contract Labor Standards statute, and the place of performance was unknown when the solicitation was issued. In addition to places or areas identified in wage determinations, if any, attached to the solicitation, wage determinations have also been requested for the following: ________ [insert places or areas]. The Contracting Officer will request wage determinations for additional places or areas of performance if asked to do so in writing by _____________ [insert time and date].

(b) Offerors who intend to perform in a place or area of performance for which a wage determination has not been attached or requested may nevertheless submit bids or proposals. However, a wage determination shall be requested and incorporated in the resultant contract retroactive to the date of contract award, and there shall be no adjustment in the contract price.

(End of clause)